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Spain and Russia...

As I said in my last post, I'll soon be going to Russia. Sadly, when I was in Italy two weeks ago, the snow impacted on our plans there. I'm so sorry that people weren't able to get to the events in Rome and Salerno. But it was very good to meet with Teresa and Daniela from 'Language in Action'. I'm also grateful to those of you who did get to our Young Learners event in Bari where snow worries had also closed schools. You were a fun audience and I think we all enjoyed the live storytelling. Who was it in our story that was just great at drawing.......... rice??? I can remember that she was only five but not her name. Did it begin with A? Or K? Someone remind me please!

Now I'm soon heading off to Russia and the sun and snow there, too! I'll be speaking in St Petersburg and Moscow. I'm really looking forward to meeting more teachers and educators and sharing ideas with them there.

Next month, I'll be in Poland again at a Young Learners event. And there are whisperings of a tour in ?????? . Well, I said whisperings. That'll be in May.

The photo? Well, this week, Ewa gave a storytelling and story making presentation in Madrid, Spain. I enjoyed contributing to that from a distance and hope to see new members from Spain joining this YL website resource. Ewa wanted a picture that showed children reading stories for her presentation. I sent her this one of my cats instead! Yep, even cats seem to engage with stories if you give them a bit of encouragement........ .

More later. Oh.. and check out the latest 'new words' material. I've just sketched a castle / city street scene for another 'picture work' activity which will appear very soon too.


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