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Yep, I'm back...

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

After a Covid year and sadly the death of two dear family members, I'm able to once again begin to add new material to my website. I apologise for the delay and hope you've been able to find some resources here to keep you going.

OK.. So let's start with an interesting fact. Have you ever wondered why irregular verbs don't use +ed, but nearly always show a change of vowel instead. Think about it... get got got, sing sang sung, hold held held, know knew known, see saw seen, swim swam swum, ride rode ridden???

It's because this was originally the way Old English differentiated present and past time. The idea for adding a 'd' or 'ed' came later (influenced by Norman French). Many verbs went that route, but many verbs that people used very frequently resisted the change!!!

Right... new material going up over the next fortnight. I wish you all well... Karen


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