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Please sign up/log in if you'd like to download the teaching resources.

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Our website community is now well and truly active! Thanks to so many of you who have already signed up to use the site and its resources! I've been delighted by the response.

I wanted to create a teaching resource website for young learners for quite a while, but life is full and I simply hadn't had the time until last year. To Start with, I made notes of ideas. Then my son, Tom, an IT professional, and I needed to design how the site should look and function. Working technically and creatively together was a real learning experience for me and also lots of fun. I hope you find the website easy to Move around.

You should see something new every fortnight or so. If you have a specific kind of test preparation that you would like to see here or a topic for a new Picture work activity, send me a message and I’ll see what I can do. Please remember that if you copy material from the website, you should only use it in your own classroom and never post files online. Please register/sign up if you want to download activities. Your name and email address will not be passed to any third parties. The more 'members' we have, the more encouragement I get and the more material will appear and I'll be able to notify you of new material appearing. Finally, please tweet the website link or share it on social media if you can. Thanks a lot! K


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