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Picture work activities

Updated: Feb 23, 2018

You can use any of these pictures to provide fun classroom activities at any level - Starters, Movers or Flyers. You can download them and their classroom activity ideas in Picture work.


Here's a seaside picture that I really enjoyed drawing. It brings back childhood memories of outdoor adventures.

Activities that relate to the picture include adding a drawing to the scene, writing the boy's text message and telling the story amongst many others.


I'd love to be in this picture but it would be important to remember to keep that gate closed!

Activities for this picture vary from following colouring instructions to making friends with one of these children and choosing what to do with them next. You'll find others, too, designed for classroom work at the three different levels.


This one is a busy platform scene at a train station. It's always interesting to watch what other passengers are doing, isn't it? You'll see that its activity ideas vary from simply naming the characters in the picture to choosing to be a train driver (at Movers) and inventing a station announcement (at Flyers).

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