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Two new Picture work activities...

Updated: Apr 2, 2018

Have you seen the two new Picture work activities? Like the three others, you can use these pictures and their choice of activities at any YLE level: Starters (pre-A1) Movers (A1) or Flyers (A2). Here's Castle. Check out Music, too!


I've always enjoyed drawing castles!

Let's quickly think of a few questions - adapt them to the level you are working at. Your young learners can have fun inventing the answers, of course. Remember that it's so important that you engage your young learners' imaginations in your lessons.

Who lives in the castle? What do they eat for breakfast? How many pets have they got? What are they?

On which days can people visit the castle?

What time does it open/close each day?

Which is the most interesting room? Why?

What is the most popular thing that visitors buy there?

So far we have Whales, Picnic, Station and now Castle and Music. Let me know if you would really like to see a topic of YOUR choice here too. Send your suggestions to

PLEASE remember you should sign up if you want to download these activities and use them in your classroom.

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Excellent activities! thank you

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