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It's Spring again. Really???

Where does time go? Time seems to fly! Something to do with the pandemic seems to have put a spell on all our smart phones, clocks and watches... Do you agree?

Do you know any of these time expressions?

One day, I'll.... . In the meantime... . I got there in the nick of time. Time will tell! Take your time. I must make time to ... . I had a whale of a time! It's about time I ... . A little while ago, I .. . Just a minute! It's just a matter of time before... . Time's up! Once in a blue moon. Just in time! He's behind the times. Nowadays... . Time is tight. These days... . Better late than never!

Yep... It's been too long! Check out the new story and picture work files. They should go live today or tomorrow. KS


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