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See the new June story and... let's not be dinosaurs...

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

... but be open to learning new word combinations even if we never use them. In fact, the first two words here are informal and rude. I am definitely NOT suggesting you teach these!!!

We'll start with 'cakehole' which I saw in The Times crossword this morning. Well, cake (Starters) and hole (Flyers) combine here to mean mouth (Starters). This is definitely not to be used in polite company! 'Faceache' is another combination I've heard on TV recently. As you can see, face (Starters) and ache (Movers) combine here to make another undiplomatic word. If you rudely call someone a 'faceache', you judge them as ugly (Starters) or looking sad (Starters) or miserable (I think this should be included in the Flyers wordlist) for no good reason in your opinion.

If you are interested and don't know the following YLE word combinations, you might like to look them up: 'dogeared' (dog + ear) adjective, and nouns - redneck, sleepyhead, earful and eyeful (ear/eye + full) and to be nosey, mouthy, a wallflower or a doormat!

But again.. please remember Dear Teachers, that these words do NOT belong in a YLE classroom!


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