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Difficult times...

I don't perhaps need to say much more than the title.

Members on my site come from 41 different countries (please join if you use the site and aren't a member yet) and the whole world is troubled by Covid right now, but I'd like to send especially good wishes to Italy and Spain this evening where many members live and where all schools are shut. I don't think it'll be long before they'll be shut here in the UK as well. One silver lining right now (and it's always important to find one) is that pollution, world wide, has dropped. Our trees, at least, may be a little happier.

I've had a difficult time with work load and family worries as well so I haven't been able to add a lot of new material lately but, now, I'm mostly 'self isolating', so I'll have time to be creative. Stay well, and I wish you all happier and healthier months to come.

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