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Back from Russia / forward to Poland...

Updated: Apr 2, 2018

I was lucky enough to meet lots of creative and enthusiastic Young Learner teachers in Russia. Due to Katia and Svetlana giving up their free time, I was also able to enjoy some sight-seeing at the weekend and I've discovered a new favourite artist - Vrubel. I was also so engaged with hearing and seeing Russian again that I've just bought a 30-lesson language course book!

Between other Young Learner desk work and lots of YL drawing since my return, I'm now planning my presentation for Poland. I was last there in December... I took this photo in Warsaw's old town. Julita from CUP and I enjoyed the best hot chocolate I've ever had there.

Please consider this thought.... perhaps you job isn't 'to teach Class 12'. Perhaps your job is 'to help each student in that class to learn' . They all have different talents and the potential to be amazingly creative. Please give them a chance to use their imaginations as well as time to practise their grammar and vocabulary!

Enjoy your work and enjoy your students.


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