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Autumn colours are taking over the forest where I live and the distractions of summer weather are fading. It's back to work! You'll find several new activities on the site in the next two weeks. Welcome to those of you who have joined the website already this month. I hope you and your young learners are finding the material here fun and useful!

If you are beginning a new school year, I hope your enthusiasm and energy levels are high and that your students will look forward to each and every English lesson!

Other news... I've been invited to speak at the Cambridge Assessment conference in Barcelona in November. Perhaps I'll meet some of you there!

Because of the carbon footprint, I'd prefer to travel to Spain by train but, sadly, that might not be possible. We'll see.


I so enjoyed all of my trips and conferences in 2019! Thank you if you attended for being such great company. This year, of course, is less fun. I've been asked to speak at a conference in Spain in November, but we'll have to wait and see if this goes ahead.

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